• AATIA (Austin Area Translators and Interpreters Association)

    one of the largest and most active associations of professional translators and interpreters in the country. https://www.aatia.org

  • International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

    founded in 1953, is the international professional association that represents conference interpreters and sets standards for the practice of the profession. https://www.aiic.net/

  • ATA (American Translators Association)

    founded in 1959, is the largest professional association of translators and interpreters in the U.S. with over 8,500 members in over 60 countries. https://www.atanet.org/

  • Georgia Commission on Interpreters

    The agency of the Supreme Court of Georgia that implements the Court Interpreter Certification Program of the National Center for State Courts Consortium (NCS) in the State of Georgia, takes exams and licenses certified and registered interpreters who work in the judicial system of the state. www.georgiacourts.org

  • Georgia State University, Department of Modern and Classical Languages

    Graduate translation program in German, French and Spanish, and interpretation program in French and Spanish. Translation certificate https://www2.gsu.edu/~wwwmcl/

  • Kennesaw State University – Department of Foreign Languages

    The department offers the B.A. in French and Spanish and the B. S.Ed. in French and Spanish Education. Minor programs of study include Spanish, French and Francophone Studies, and German Studies. They also teach Latin and Italian and, under the Critical Languages Program, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian.https://www.kennesaw.edu/foreignlanguage

  • Medical Interpreter Network of Georgia

    MING , is a non-profit organization that promotes equal access to health care services for Limited English Proficient individuals by supporting professional medical interpretation, and by serving as a resource for medical interpreters and providers in Georgia. www.mingweb.org

  • MLA (Modern Language Association)

    founded in 1883 by teachers and scholars, promoting the study and teaching of language and literature. https://www.mla.org/

  • Monterey Institute of International Studies

    Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation (GSTI) www.miis.edu

  • NAJIT (National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators)

    a non-profit organization dedicated to the furtherance of the court interpreting and legal translation profession.https://www.najit.org/

  • National Center for State Courts Consortium (NCSC)

    Through original research, consulting services, publications, and national educational programs, NCSC offers solutions that enhance court operations with the latest technology; collects and interprets the latest data on court operations nationwide; and provides information on proven “best practices” for improving court operations in many areas, such as civil case management.www.ncsconline.org

  • Sacramento, California Superior Court website

    claims to have all the exotic language glossaries available for download.https://www.saccourt.com/geninfo/legal_glossaries/legal_glossaries.asp

  • University of Charleston

    claims to have one of the most comprehensive language programs in the southeastern U.S.https://www.cofc.edu/languages/index.html