October 5th 2019 – Resolviendo el misterio: ¿Qué significan esos términos?


Resolviendo el misterio ¿Qué significan estos términos?

Changes to the legal system in Mexico allow the criminal court interpreter, for the first time in history, the possibility to use real terminology produced by legislation, instead of resorting to terminology generated out of necessity and lacking legal support in the law. This workshop will cover everything needed to interpret a criminal proceeding using the new terminology from the Mexican legislation, the existing legal structures, and the historical and cultural adjustments needed to produce effective communication among legal Spanish language speakers from Mexico (the country with the fastest-growing Spanish population in the U.S.), Florida Spanish court interpreters, who up to recent times did not have a need to work with these concepts and terminology, and the legal English language speakers. Mr. Rosado will present a comprehensive overview of the judicial system, explaining the basic concepts and Mexican legal terminology, as well as the differences and similarities between both, the Mexican and the American legal systems relevant to the English Spanish criminal court interpreter.

This workshop qualifies for 7 ATA CEUs.

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