October 17th, 2020 – Practice Makes Perfect

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About this Event

Practice Makes Perfect: Developing an Interpreting Practice Strategy to Achieve Success

Whether you are preparing for an exam or simply want to keep your skills up, a defined strategy for practice sessions is the key to productive interpreting practice. Even if you work as a full-time interpreter, there is nothing like the deep reflection and analysis of your performance in a practice session to help you hone your craft. A solid interpreting skill improvement strategy includes honest self-assessment and setting specific goals for every practice session that goes beyond “take good notes,” “master all technical vocabulary,” or “interpret everything perfectly.” This session will cover goal-setting, resources for practice material, honing your language and vocabulary skills in your downtime, giving and receiving feedback, and tips for solo and group practice. This webinar is suitable for experienced interpreters looking to get unstuck and achieve a long-desired goal of passing a specific exam, beginners who feel overwhelmed with the daunting task of learning this craft, and anyone in between!

About the presenter

Johanna Parker holds an M.A. in Translation and Interpretation (Spanish English) from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) and is a federally and California certified court interpreter and CCHI Certified Healthcare InterpreterTM. She is Lead Interpreter for Education and Training at Stanford Health Care, a freelance conference interpreter, and a contract seminar interpreter for the U.S. Department of State. Johanna trains healthcare and court interpreters around the country and is an adjunct professor at MIIS, where she teaches medical interpreting. She was awarded the California Healthcare Interpreting Association’s Trainer of the Year award in 2015.