Jan. 25th – Hot Topic of the Month: Recording of Interpretation Sessions

Space for members of the T&I community to discuss pressing issues

About this event

Dear members of the T&I community,

AAIT would like to offer you a space to discuss pressing issues and practices that affect our profession.

To help further our profession, the amount collected will be donated to “Translators without Borders” https://translatorswithoutborders.org/

This month´s topic is “Recording interpretation sessions”. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences or asks questions ONLY about the suggested topic while keeping their interventions short and to the point in order to be mindful of time and allow everyone the opportunity to speak. AAIT hosts reserve the right to admit and exclude participants who do not follow rules or show unruly behavior. This is NOT an opportunity to promote services and discussing rates is PROHIBITED. Ground rules will be established at the beginning of the session. Participants are required to sign up in order to participate. Number of participants is limited to 25. Participants arriving late may not be admitted.

DISCLAIMER: AAIT provides this space for members of the T&I community to have a discussion on the suggested topic ONLY. Comments made by participants do not necessarily represent the views of AAIT. AAIT does not take any responsibility for the views of participants and does not warrant that comments made by participants represent accurate information.