Gabrielle Claiborne’s Bio

Gabrielle Claiborne and Linda Herzer are co-founders of Transformation Journeys Worldwide, an inclusion training and consulting firm with a transgender focus. They travel extensively, helping organizations transform their environments into fully trans-inclusive cultures. Some of their clients include Home Depot, Sun Life Financial, Royal Bank of Canada, Comcast, Mercedes Benz, UPS, WarnerMedia, COX Media, Kaiser Permanente, New York City Pride, the Atlanta Hawks, Georgia Tech, San Francisco Theological Seminary, Walden Behavioral Care, the Centers for Disease Control and Georgia Academy of Family Physicians, among others.

Gabrielle, a woman of transgender experience, is an entrepreneur, dynamic trainer, and popular TEDx and keynote speaker. Having served on the Executive Board of Atlanta Pride for 5 years, she now serves on the Trans Task Force of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, on the City of Atlanta’s LGBTQ Mayoral Advisory Council, and on the Board of the OUT Georgia Business Alliance. In 2015, Gabrielle was chosen as Atlanta’s Best Trans Activist, and in 2018 her work was featured in Forbes.


Linda Herzer’s Bio

Linda is a strong advocate for the trans community, a seasoned curriculum developer, experienced trainer, ordained minister and author of The Bible and the Transgender Experience: How Scripture Supports Gender Variance. She has served as co-facilitator of support groups for transgender youth and adults, and their parents and spouses.

Transformation Journeys Worldwide was honored to be chosen as the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Small Business of the Year, and to receive the Atlanta Hawks’ 2019 “True Comes in All Colors” Award, in recognition of their cutting-edge inclusion work.



Through a 90-minute presentation, including activities, role play and Q&A, participants will:

  1. Discover unconscious cultural assumptions about gender, and how they impact personal and societal understandings of trans people. (“Trans” is an umbrella term indicating all persons of diverse gender identities.)
  2. Learn trans-related terms and identities. This includes developing an understanding of the 4 aspects of gender that all human beings have: gender identity, gender expression, biological sex and sexual orientation.
  3. Meet trans people of all ages and ethnicities, and their families, thru brief video clips and Gabrielle’s personal story.
  4. Discover the social, legal and physical aspects of the transitioning process, and how these impact the services offered by interpreters and translators.
  5. Learn the most respectful language to use when interacting with, or writing about gender diverse people.