Frequently Asked Questions

If you have specific questions regarding how to pursue becoming a translator or interpreter, refer to the “About T & I” section, and if our FAQs below do not answer your questions, feel free to send questions, inquiries, etc. to


What is AAIT?

AAIT, a chapter of the American Translators Association (ATA), is the Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators, a non-profit, professional association serving metropolitan Atlanta, the state of Georgia, and the Southeast.

What can AAIT do for me?

We offer our members the following:

  • A listing in our publicly accessible directory of professional interpreters and translators working in many languages and specialties (technical, medical, legal, etc.)
  • Access to a wide variety of professional, educational, and even social events (with member discounts)
  • Access to quality networking opportunities for members to interact with other T&I professionals and local businesses who can be potential clients
  • Our monthly newsletter
  • Online access to our calendar of events, and other useful resources
  • Informative e-mails to keep you in the loop on upcoming events including seminars, webinars, and ATA certification examination sittings, as well as job openings and project offers that are passed on to us (see below).

Can AAIT find me jobs?

AAIT is not a job bank or agency. However, we are often approached by companies looking for people to fill their language needs. As a member benefit, we always forward available jobs and project offers to our members. Companies search our member directory for translators and/or interpreters every day, so once you become a member, it is very important to complete your profile in the directory and keep it current.


How can I update my profile?

Once your membership dues have been received, you will receive a welcome e-mail with instructions on how to complete your profile in the directory.


How much are the membership dues?

Go to the membership page


Our Newsletter

The AAIT Newsletter is published monthly via e-mail. It provides a wealth of information regarding educational opportunities like seminars and workshops, and social events like networking meetings, cultural performances, our Holiday Dinner, and the Annual Banquet. News on current T&I events are often included in the newsletter. It is one way we promote professional growth and development and help members stay abreast of current T&I issues and trends. Social events encourage fun while expanding one’s circle of contacts and potential clients.

I belong to a company who is looking for a professional translator (interpreter) or agency to work on a project for us. How do I find the right match within your organization?

Feel free to search our online member directory, which is searchable by language, specialties, and other useful parameters. Please note that since AAIT is not an agency, all business arrangements must be made directly with the selected translator, interpreter, or corporate member. Also, the inclusion of a member in our directory does not constitute an endorsement by AAIT of that member. Members are responsible for providing their own information and for the truthfulness and correctness of their listings. The Association also provides no guarantee of the quality of its members’ work.

If this is the first time that you are working with a translator, interpreter, or agency, we recommend that you check out two booklets from the American Translators Association: Translation: Getting it Right, and Interpreting: Getting it Right. These booklets offer a host of helpful tips on selecting the right person or company for your project.

If you have specific questions that our FAQs have not answered, feel free to contact us at