Edurne Paula Chopeitia has 25+ years of combined multicultural experience in bilingual (Eng-Spa) counseling psychology, marketing, and language access. In Uruguay, she is a Psychologist. In the US, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor (APC, NCC), holds an MBA, and is a Certified Translator. Edurne started working in healthcare in 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia, gaining expertise in education, group facilitation, and medical translation and interpretation. She trusts in self-reflection to seek change, adapt, and heal, ultimately integrating the different spaces where life happens: within ourselves, our relationships, our digital worlds. Edurne works with various family configurations in individual, couple, and group sessions. She says: “We seek to unstuck and/or unpack our capacity to show and receive affection, balance life and work, and prepare for (or recover from) life transitions.”


Words, power, context: inclusive language

The presentation about inclusive language is a group experience that invites to reflect about the topic and promotes the translator, interpreter, and/or trainer’s awareness and comfort to links between words and contexts. The presentation includes the attendees and facilitates discussion of personal experiences about inclusion and exclusion. Because the practitioner’s values and attitudes affect the quality of written and oral communication, active participation and reflection are essential. This experience will enhance awareness of and comfort with the diversity of human attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of specific language with clients, patients, colleagues, and fellow language specialists. Moreover, the presentation promotes non-judgmental and respectful attitudes toward others, especially those who differ from the practitioner in attitudes, values, feelings, beliefs and sexual behaviors. We will have fun, reflect, and step out of our comfort zone in a safe space.