2016 – Graduate Certificates – English into Spanish Translation, and Spanish into English Translation – Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

1976 – Master of Business Administration – Florida International University, Miami, FL

1967 – Ingeniero Quimico – Facultad de Ingenieria – Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


1959 to Present: Independent Translation and Interpretation in English, Spanish and Portuguese

2002 to Present: General Management Consulting – Theory of Constraints – Taylors Consulting International. L.L.C.

1969 to 2001: International Executive, The Coca-Cola Company and Bottlers

Lived, worked and/or studied in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia. Turkey. Mexico, USA


EnglishSpanishPortuguese Translation, Editing, Proofreading and Interpretation in multiple fields

Bi-lingual and Bi-cultural Consulting and Training –


Medical, Business, Marketing, Technology, International


Proficient in Lilt (Translation Engine) combined with Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Machine Translation

Use specialized business and engineering techniques and software.

Developed various proprietary tools and applications.


In 1970, I married Margaret Ann Taylor-Slater, Translator and Interpreter. We have made Atlanta our home since 2012. We have five children and eight grandchildren living in the USA, Australia, China and the UK.


Turbo charge your professional translations easily, using free Internet resources to achieve 500 words per hour without sacrificing the nuance of human touch.

Combining professional translator skills with the ever-improving technologies available today can produce quality translations with all the syntax, semantic, grammatical and memory consistency, as well as vocabulary and synonyms, available online, without losing the register, localization capability and personality of the skilled translator.

The presenter has developed cost-effective methods for all translators to accomplish this easily, including professionals who have dedicated a lifetime excelling in the humanistic fields of liberal arts yet may not share the presenter’s passion for technology.

The Excel-based Translation Matrix Tool leverages functionalities readily available with a basic Microsoft Office license combined with online services. With the Translation Matrix, translators can combine their best personal translation of a Source Segment with comparable translation segments produced by Google Translate and/or Microsoft’s Bing Translate.  Such online services continue to improve their capabilities through Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, rapidly closing the gap between machine and human translations. The Target Segment produced by the Translation Matrix Tool synergizes professional capability and translation speed.

For larger projects or more complex source documents, translators often use translation processes available from companies like Trados and their competitors. The Translation Matrix Process can be used in combination with these, facilitating the incorporation of Source Segments from Bing or Google. The presenter will demonstrate this process tool using similar capabilities offered by free services such as Lilt or Omega T.

Finally, to produce quality Target Documents, the Translation Matrix Process needs a Quality Source Document. The presenter will discuss ways to produce Quality Source Documents using Smartphone capabilities.

All tools and the presentation will be available free of charge to the participants in the AAIT 2019 Conference.