Frequently Asked Questions

If you have specific questions regarding how to pursue becoming a translator or interpreter, and our FAQs below do not answer your questions, feel free to send questions, inquiries, etc. to the following people:

What is AAIT?

The AAIT, a chapter of the American Translators Association (ATA), is the Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators, a non-profit, professional association serving metropolitan Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

What can AAIT do for me?

The AAIT offers:

  • Listing in a database of professional interpreters and translators handling verbal and written communications in many languages
  • participation in professional and educational events (with member discounts)
  • resource of qualified language professionals
  • networking opportunities for members and other professionals in the linguistic field
  • access to own profile, newsletter archives, bylaws & minutes, member news, job postings.

Can I update my profile?

Once membership dues have been received you will get access to update your own profile. Your email can be used to log in, in addition to your username

What are the membership dues?

Go to the membership page

What is Bridges?

Bridges is the quarterly AAIT newsletter. Bridges provides information about activities and announcements regarding seminars, workshops, training and other educational opportunities. This promotes continued professional growth and helps members stay abreast of ongoing issues in the profession. Social networking meetings encourage fun while expanding a member’s circle of colleagues.

Can AAIT find me jobs?

The AAIT is not a job bank or agency. We are often approached by companies or clients looking for someone to fill their language need. As a member benefit we pass available jobs on to our members, as well as posting the information on our website. Many times companies are searching our database for translators and/or interpreters, reason why it is very important to keep your profile current.

How can I become a certified translator/interpreter?

The state of Georgia is fortunate to have several outlets for gaining certification in translation and/or interpretation. Please take a look at the below links to learn more about the different avenues available in this area: