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Photo of LATN


Contact: Loana Denis
Home 1720 Peachtree Street Suite 532 Atlanta GA Work Phone: 404-419-8610 Work Phone: 1-800-943-5286 Work Fax: 1-888-511-6233 Website:
Photo of Phuong Le

Phuong Le

Language Pair: English-Vietnamese, Vietnamese-English, French-English, English-French Native Language: VietnameseCountry of Origin: Vietnam
Home Alpharetta GA Work Phone: 404-797-1752
Photo of Carola Lehmacher

Carola Lehmacher

Language Pair: English – Spanish, English – German, German – Spanish, Country of Origin: Argentina
Home Peachtree City GA Work Phone: 6787047397
Photo of Ada Lien

Ada Lien

Language Pair: English-Spanish Native Language: SpanishCountry of Origin: Venezuela
Work 1029 Peachtree Parkway Peachtree City GA Work Phone: 770-713-9726
Photo of Mary C Maloof

Mary C Maloof

Language Pair: Spanish-English Native Language: U.S. EnglishCountry of Origin: USA
Home 7500 Roswell Rd Unit 38 Sandy Springs GA Work Phone: 404 510 2180 Work Fax: 678 302 6464 Website:
Photo of M. Catherine McCabe

M. Catherine McCabe

Language Pair: Spanish-English
Home POB 15036 Atlanta GA Work Phone: 404-373-3483 Work Fax: 404-378-9608
Photo of Sybille McCormick

Sybille McCormick

Language Pair: German-English Native Language: EnglishCountry of Origin: Germany
Home Acworth GA Work Phone: 404-788-6446 Website:
Photo of David Miller

David Miller

Language Pair: English-Spanish, Spanish-English Native Language: EnglishCountry of Origin: Canada
Home 420 E. 2nd Avenue Rome GA Home Phone: 706-266-1412 Home Phone: 706-295-7642 Work Phone: 706-509-5140
Photo of Clara Montoya

Clara Montoya

Language Pair: English-Spanish Native Language: SpanishCountry of Origin: Colombia
Home 3040 Winston Terrace Ct Alpharetta GA Home Phone: 770 7578413 Work Phone: 770 7726378 Work Fax: 770 7726378
Photo of Gabriel Rueda

Gabriel Rueda

Language Pair: Spanish-English, English-Spanish Native Language: SpanishCountry of Origin: Colombia
Home 4044 Whetstone Court Marietta GA Work Phone: 770-971-1080 Home Phone: 770-828-8722 Work Fax: 770-828-8722
Photo of Claudia Schaper

Claudia Schaper

Language Pair: German-English,English-German,German-French, German-Spanish Native Language: GermanCountry of Origin: Germany
Work Phone: 6782947456
Photo of Claire Schlumberger

Claire Schlumberger

Language Pair: English-French German-French Native Language: FrenchCountry of Origin: France
Home 4477 Rebel Valley View Atlanta GA Work Phone: 404 518 6868 Home Phone: 404 605 0238
Photo of Sylvia Sham

Sylvia Sham

Language Pair: English-Mandarin, English-Cantonese, English-Chinese, Mandarin-English, Cantonese-English, Chinese-English Native Language: Chinese- Cantonese & MandarinCountry of Origin: Hong Kong
Home 12120 Wexford Overlook Roswell GA Work Phone: 404-457-8778 Home Phone: 770-518-0900 Work Fax: 770-518-5924
Photo of Launa Sims

Launa Sims

Language Pair: English-Japanese Native Language: EnglishCountry of Origin: USA
Home Lawrenceville GA Work Phone: 404-855-1193 Website:
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Teresa M Sinfon

Language Pair: English-Spanish Spanish-English German-Spanish German-English Native Language: SpanishCountry of Origin: Peru
Home Tampa FL Work Phone: 813-347-0066
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Richard Singer

Language Pair: English-Spanish,Spanish-English,Portuguese-Spanish,Portuguese-English Native Language: Spanish & EnglishCountry of Origin: Argentina
Home 309 Crabapple Springs Way Woodstock GA Work Phone: 678-908-9914 Work Fax: 678-393-1336
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Nicoletta Smareglia

Language Pair: English-Spanish, Italian-Spanish, Portuguese- Spanish, Spanish- English Native Language: SpanishCountry of Origin: Born in Italy, raised in Argentina
Home Atlanta GA Work Phone: 404-822-3727
No Image Available

Ana Soler

Language Pair: English-Spanish Native Language:SpanishCountry of Origin: Colombia
Home P.O. Box 944 Snellville GA Work Phone: 678-710-4705 Website: